Tap into Michigan’s $150M Grant
for High-Impact Tutoring

Partner with Tutored by Teachers and leverage the 23g MI Kids Back on Track Grant to achieve student outcomes in reading and math.

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Tutored by Teachers is a selected vendor and exceeds the Michigan Department of Eduction criteria for grant funding

Proudly delivering the following through our partnership with schools:

Consistent, U.S.-Certified Teachers
Small Groups of Three or Fewer Students
Programs Before, During, and After School
Live, Real-Time Learning
Aligned with Michigan State Standards
Regular Progress Monitoring

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Our Teachers

We have a large network of 5,000+ live U.S.-certified teachers available for programs during the school year or the summer.

62% with graduate degrees
52% Special Ed or ELL certified
12 years of average classroom experience
40% identify as people of color
All are rigorously vetted and monitored

Our Difference

Tutored by Teachers

100% Teacher Attendance Rate
U.S. Experienced Teachers
White Glove Implementation
Consistent Teachers Every Session
Available up to 5 Days a Week
Differentiated Instruction

Other Vendors

Low Tutor Attendance Rate
Paraprofessionals / Trained Volunteers
No Management or Support Team
New Tutors Every Session
Inconsistent Availability
Single Approach to Learning

Michigan’s Kids Back on Track Grant

The MI Kids Back on Track grant funds (MCL388.1623g) are designed to tackle unfinished learning, get students to meet grade-level standards, boost those at risk of falling behind, and propell high schoolers toward a successful postsecondary education.

The Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) has vetted Tutored by Teachers and listed them on their website.

Key Information

  • Budgets submitted and reviewed: Jan-Feb, 2024
  • Districts with approved budgets receive funds through State Aid
  • Base allocation is $303.18 per student
  • Funding deadline is through September 30, 2025

Ready to see how TbT can help your school?

Our High-Impact Tutoring Solutions





Test Prep

Extended Hours
with Parent Opt-in

Our Curriculum

Foundational Literacy Skills

TbT’s curriculum leverages the Science of Reading to support students in developing the most Foundational Literacy skills. These include understanding sounds, learning letter-sound relationships, and becoming fluent in recognizing words. Students progress from visual recognition to letter-sound connections, decoding, and fluent reading.


Our High-Dosage Tutoring focuses on the highest-leverage ELA Reading standards such as identifying main ideas and supporting details, in alignment with Renaissance Learning’s Focus Skills analysis.


Our Math curriculum meets students at their unique starting points and accelerates them to grade level mastery on key skills, in alignment with Renaissance Learning’s Focus Skills analysis and Achieve the Core.

SAT Prep

Our program offers guidance on the Math, Reading and Writing sections of the SAT test, as well as test-taking strategies specific to the new digital administration of the test.

Our Outcomes

In Fall 2023, TbT served 1,600+ Indianapolis Public Schools Emerging Schools students. In just one semester with 12 hours of instruction, they demonstrated double digit NWEA MAP gains.

What Schools Say About Us

“Our NWEA scores are skyrocketing in the two grades that we do have TbT tutoring. I would love for every student to have all of these opportunities.”

Devon Long

Instructional Coach Eleanor Skillen School

“Our TbT experience has been phenomenal from the beginning. They were in alignment with us, and they were always supportive and communicative with us.”

Amanda Milliken

Principal George Buck Elementary

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