Consistent Double-
Digit Academic Gains

At Tutored by Teachers, we consistently drive double-digit academic gains for the students we serve, and that’s why we’re trusted by many of the largest districts and charter networks in the country.

Indianapolis Public Schools Turbocharged Their NWEA MAP Scores In Partnership With Tutored by Teachers

IPS students’ NWEA MAP score, compared to non-TbT students, improved by 10% average growth percentile points in Math and 12% average growth percentile points in ELA.

Case Studies

20 Point Avg. Gains in Math and ELA for Nearly 1,000 Students

Academic Gains in Math and ELA in Fewer Than 11 Weeks

Mastering Unfinished Learning in Only Five Summer Weeks

Halting the Summer Slide, Demonstrated by NWEA Data



Our Impact


300K+Learning hours delivered

20.9%Avg. Growth in Math

22.7%Avg. Growth in
ELA Standards

Since implementing Tutored by Teachers we have seen growth in both ELA and Math and we have seen more engagement in our students. I would definitely recommend Tutored by Teachers because it has been nothing but successful for us and our students and we’re on the right path to increase at all levels.

Stephen Gainey, Dean of Culture & Climate at Charles Warren Fairbanks School 105, Indianapolis IN

Our NWEA scores are skyrocketing in the two grades that we do have TbT tutoring. I would love for every student to have all of these opportunities.

Devon Long Instructional Coach at George Buck Elementary (IPS), Indianapolis IN

Students who attended summer school did not hit the “summer slide” and instead we actually saw gains in their percentile.

District Admin United Schools of Indianapolis

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