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Solve your teacher vacancies with an interim solution so kids don’t have to fall behind. We offer differentiated instruction with certified teachers who teach your curriculum. That’s the TbT advantage.

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Go from Zero Teachers to Personalized Small-Group Instruction

How it Works

Our network of teachers offer synchronous, virtual instruction using your school’s curriculum. It’s not just one TV at the front of the room. Each student has their own screen for individualized learning.
Training for your in-room paraprofessional included
Scaffolded instruction in small groupsof students
Live teacher support every step of the way
Tier-1 instruction with the benefits of intervention

Our Teachers

We have a large network of 5,000+ certified teachers available for programs during the school year or the summer.

62% with graduate degrees
52% Special Ed or ELL certified
12 years of average classroom experience
40% identify as people of color
All are rigorously vetted and monitored

Ready to see how Tutored by Teachers can help your school?

Our Difference

Tutored by Teachers

Multiple Teachers with Small Groups
Live, Real-Time Learning
Align to School Curriculum
Differentiated Instruction
Same Teachers Stay Full Term
Available up to 5 Days a Week
U.S. Certified Teachers

Other Vendors

One Tutor on Big Screen with Whole Class
Pre-recorded Lessons
Not Aligned to School Curriculum
Single Approach to Learning
New Tutors Every Session
Inconsistent Availability
Paraprofessionals/Trained Volunteers
“We may be able to get a sub in the classroom, but they don’t have the content knowledge to teach. With Tutored by Teachers, we’re using our curriculum. The students are being taught in the same way they would be taught if they were in a live classroom, just without that live teacher. ”
Brian Faehndrich

Principal, Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, NJ

What Schools Say About Us

“Something we learned from COVID-19 is that one virtual teacher providing instruction to 24 kids is probably going to be too much. It disconnects the students from the teacher and curriculum. Whereas if you have them on their own personal screen in small groups, it’s more personal, more connected.”

Brian Faehndrich

Principal, Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, NJ

“This vacancy support program has allowed for our long-term sub to allow scholars to continue learning and not miss critical content. We greatly appreciate this support program.”

Aigner R. Blade

Assistant Principal, James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School #43, Indianapolis

“Tutored by Teachers has been very intentional in following our district’s pacing to keep our fourth grade class on track in the absence of a classroom teacher. Melissa [our engagement manager] has been very supportive and flexible; she informs us of when we need to assess at appropriate points as well. TbT is providing opportunities of continued learning, ensuring that all students have access to grade-level curriculum.”

Juanita Price, M.Ed.

Instructional Coach, James Whitcomb Riley School 43, Indianapolis

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