Tier 1 Instructional Model

Vacancy Support With Differentiated Instruction

Support K-12 students with quality aligned instruction during staffing vacancies.

Midsize groups (10:1) with consistent credentialed teacher keeps your students engaged and moving forward.


Tutored by Teachers’
Tier 1 Approach

Whole class instruction of Tier 1/core curriculum

Standards-aligned, outcomes-based learning

Highly-qualified teachers

Student-centered live virtual instruction

Our Teaching Programs By The Numbers

In the 2022-23 school year, Tutored by Teachers taught thousands of students.

118KLearning Hours

20.9%Growth in Math

22.7%Growth in ELA

Our Program’s Instructional Approach

We customize to your instructional needs in any subject area or grade level, K-12. Our instructional approach is designed to be on par with in-person instruction and includes:

An engaging delivery of your existing curriculum, virtually

Leveraging consistent small/midsize group instruction

Measurement of mastery and growth through checks for understanding

Customized grading strategy to integrate with your needs

“TbT has piloted Tier 1 instruction with our vacancy support programs for 4th grade ELA and math support at JWR 43.

This vacancy support program has allowed for our long-term sub to allow scholars to continue learning and not miss critical content. We greatly appreciate this support program.”

Aigner R. Blade, Assistant Principal James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School #43

Tutored by Teachers has been very intentional in following our district’s pacing to keep our fourth grade class on track in the absence of a classroom teacher.

Melissa has been very supportive and flexible, she informs when we need to assess at appropriate points as well. TbT is providing opportunities of continued learning – ensuring that all students have access to grade level curriculum.

Renautha Rose Teacher, KIPP Team Academy, Newark, NJ

Their teachers are certified, they’re accredited, they’re teachers that know their content and we know that these teachers are well versed in the common core standards that our kids need to do well on state assessments.

Nikeya Stuart Principal in Residence at KIPP Team Academy, Newark, NJ

Partner With Us

We work with you to meet your state’s instructional requirements, including ensuring you have the credentialed educator you need in the classroom.

Tutored by Teacher’s Tier 1 program is eligible for funding sources used to provide services to students, including:

  • Learning Recovery Act

  • Title I

  • CARES Act

  • ESSER funding