Tutoring Benefits All Children

Dec 9, 2020

Many of us are reluctant to find tutors, especially when our children are doing fine in school and there doesn’t seem to be a pressing need for more academic support. We often associate tutoring with those struggling in school, and it may feel as though hiring a tutor is simply saying that our children cannot perform well in school on their own. This misconception could not be farther from the truth. Not only does tutoring help students who are performing below grade level, but also helps all children, regardless of previous academic performance.

Build Better Study Habits

Tutoring is more than just an academic support system. Research finds that tutoring can improve children’s self confidence, and motivate them to invest more time and effort in school. The individualized nature of tutoring also facilitates an environment where students are more likely to actively engage in learning, which improves the academic mindset, fosters independence and responsibility, and improves behavioral and social skills. This means that kids will learn about social interaction and how to work effectively through their tutors as well.

Enrichment and Accelerated Learning

Furthermore, tutoring can enrich a child’s understanding of course material, and help them gain a broader, more comprehensive understanding which in a class setting means increased participation and engagement. Having a qualified tutor is not a substitute for school time, but it can help supplement curriculum and explain concepts to children in a more detailed and personalized manner. While the main goal of tutoring is to improve academic performance and growth, it would be a waste not to take advantage of the small fruits tutoring leaves behind as well. All children can benefit enormously from tutoring!

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