Help English Learners Pass WIDA

Support English learners fully access learning opportunities in their school

Our programs meet the unique needs of each ELL and Newcomer student to increase their English language proficiency.

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Advance equity by providing ELL students the skills and confidence to succeed

Tutored by Teachers

Our offerings

TbT’s tutoring programs target a spectrum of student needs.

Tutored by Teachers
For Newcomers

Direct English language, literacy development, and support for students with significantly interrupted formal education (SIFE).

Tutored by Teachers
For ELLs of various proficiency levels

High-dosage tutoring that leverages ELL scaffolding and best practices for ELA and math tutoring.

Tutored by Teachers
For Long-term EL's (LTELs)

Academic vocabulary and skills support so they can achieve grade-level reading and writing proficiency and transition out of the EL program.

How it Works

A virtual intervention model with ELL scaffolding.

Tutored by Teachers
Individual or small group instruction

Smart grouping based on existing ELL assessment data (WIDA or equivalent).

Tutored by Teachers
ELL-certified teachers

Qualified teachers with ELL instruction expertise deliver skills-based, responsive instruction with a Whole-Child, culturally affirming approach.

Tutored by Teachers
Multilingual instructors

Instruction and instructional content is available in Spanish and other languages upon request.

Tutored by Teachers
Consistent instructor

Having the same instructor builds rapport and trust, which facilitates students’ learning.

Tutored by Teachers
Progress Monitoring

Mastery and growth are measured through consistent checks for understanding.

Ready to see how Tutored by Teachers can help your students?

Tutored by Teachers
Tutored by Teachers

Looking to support Newcomers?

In response to a growing need, we offer newly arrived migrant students Direct English Language Development (ELD) instruction. Our program:

  • Supports students at WIDA Level 1
  • Is explicit English language instruction aligned to WIDA Can Do Statements across all four domains (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
  • Is adaptive across all ages, and is culturally affirming
We also offer the following customizations:
  • Diagnostic testing for newly arrived students to figure out their starting levels
  • Trauma-informed instruction 
  • Math instruction in dual and home languages

Our Teachers

We have a large network of 5,000+ certified teachers available for programs during the school year or the summer.

62% with graduate degrees
52% Special Ed or ELL certified
12 years of average classroom experience
40% identify as people of color
All are rigorously vetted and monitored

Supporting Newcomer students in Brunswick County Schools

TbT provided 5 weeks of instruction in Math, ELA, and Phonics with bilingual teachers to Spanish-speaking students in Grades K-9 in Brunswick County Schools, North Carolina.


growth in Math


growth in Phonics skills


growth in Math


growth in ELA

We’re expanding our partnership through a grant with Accelerate to continue supporting migrant ELL students.

1. in Kindergarten,   2. in 5th Grade,   3. in 8th Grade

What Schools Say About Us

“What I like most about TbT is your ongoing support, the live tutors, the flexibility the teachers have in adjusting their small groups (if necessary), that there are bilingual tutors for our dual language classrooms, and that it is aligned to the standards. Thank you!”

Cherie Love

Principal, Doña Ana Elementary School, Las Cruces, New Mexico

“We’re thrilled with the impact of our Tutored by Teachers’ partnership. Excited for expansion to more schools and steadfast, focused efforts that make a difference for our kids! Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Aleesia Johnson

Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools

“Tutored by Teachers is allowing us the opportunity to differentiate for our students. We have a group of students that are really close to being on grade level and they’re ultimately helping to fill some gaps that our students have through a virtual platform, and individualized instruction and really support them in addition to the classroom learning they are getting and we’re just really excited about that.”

Amanda Milliken

Principal, George Buck Elementary School, Indianapolis

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