Ohio High-Dosage Tutoring Program

Ohio: Bring High-Dosage Tutoring to Your School

Tutored by Teachers is now an approved vendor for the OHDOE’s Ohio High-Dosage Tutoring Program, which will bring high-dosage tutoring to schools throughout the state via $26M+ in funding.

Tutored by Teachers’
High-Dosage Tutoring
Program for Ohio:

Smart groups students using existing data
Identifies target standards and focus skills, and gives an standards-aligned pre-assessment
Delivers engaging, skills-based, responsive instruction with a Whole Child approach
Measures summative mastery and growth through a post-assessment

Virtual Intervention Program By The Numbers

In the 2022-23 school year, Tutored by Teachers delivered its high-dosage program to
thousands of students.

118KLearning Hours

20.9%Growth in Math

22.7%Growth in ELA

Tutored by Teachers in Action

Hear first-hand from educators at Indianapolis Public School’s George Buck Elementary School how TbT’s high-dosage tutoring program made an impact on their students’ engagement and academic gains.

Program Design Principles

Address your students’ learning loss by reinventing your intervention block with a
personalized, human, and targeted approach. Our high-dosage tutoring program’s
instructional approach includes:

High-impact personalized instruction

Highly qualified teachers

Focus on outcomes

Whole Child approach

Engaging curriculum

Virtual, in-school to small groups

Students are more invested with this program than with their class. And the program runs itself.

Meghan St. Cyr-Bradley Assistant Principal at KIPP Team Academy, Newark, NJ

It’s great that kids have the opportunity to get the individualized learning that they need so that the stress is not on the teacher.

Renautha Rose Teacher, KIPP Team Academy, Newark, NJ

Their teachers are certified, they’re accredited, they’re teachers that know their content and we know that these teachers are well versed in the common core standards that our kids need to do well on state assessments.

Nikeya Stuart Principal in Residence at KIPP Team Academy, Newark, NJ

Partner With Us

Districts and charter schools from across the country
partner with Tutored by Teachers to offer the high-dosage tutoring program to their students. Contact our
team to learn how we can meet the unique needs of
your school community.